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Overall rating since inception of class: 4.6 stars out of 5

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Excellent class. I am a changed person -- and the beautiful thing is: I did it myself !
I enjoyed the conversations as much as the silent times.
I loved the all-day session. It was terrifying, but helped me see what bringing mindful awareness would feel like in my day-to-day life.
I appreciated the laid-back environment. The experience was great. The knowledge is invaluable and the change it's brought me is incomparable.
The teachings about the mind and the brain were very good.
"The entire tool set, as well as the attention to individual application, were very helpful."

Another person shared a personal story, and then said (paraphrased for privacy): ... I was able to recognize in the moment that I was angry, and chose to stay mad. But while it was going on, I remembered the phrase 'moment of pure awareness', which let me think about the event later, and choose to let it go. "I'm so glad I took the class."

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Come experience for yourself how this training in
mindfulness can enhance and improve
every aspect of your life.



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